Wednesday, January 6, 2021

A Prophecy Book Like No Other!
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    There are many end time prophecy books out, but only one providing specific timing prophetic signs, with an online verifiable track record of prophecy already foretold and fulfilled.
    Bill Weather lays out quite the evidence to believe radical prophecy is coming very soon; from 2018, foretold the 2020 covid crash (verified at crashforetold.blogspot. com), even to the exact peak day of the Covid shutdown. October 2016 vision of Trump winning, but cut off at 4 years (Nov 1, 2016 Facebook of it); that's both elections (2016&2020) foretold.


    Numerous signs revealing what will happen in 2022; anointed with 55+ dreams and visions; 10 signs to the Tsunami and California mega earthquake and when it will happen; when to expect World War 3, the US vs Russia & China; specific prophetic information with multiple confirmations, that will make one of the best selling prophetic books this decade, look obscureCovered also, like no other, the mark of the beast, 666, Antichrist, the man of sin, The Great Reset and the coming US revolution; Also revealed, who the 2 horns of the beast of Revelation 13 are and the image of the beast... 20 evidences to the 2nd coming of Jesus Christ, for the 2027-2032 season and 20 evidences to the 6000th year doctrine, taught in the early church, now being re-revealed in these end times, direct from your bible; simple to understand chronology strait from the bible, showing the 6000th year in Bible Prophecy is almost here!

   Also available California Yom Kippur, at, a more complete record of the amazing supernatural signs backing the coming of the tsunami and California Mega Quake, for Sept/Oct 2022 
    You want timing to prophecy? Welcome to the books that have the evidence to it more than any other and backed by Holy Spirit given supernatural signs! Not just prophecy, but… EVIDENCE BACKED End Time Prophecy